Woman says she’d rather hear a baby crying on an airplane instead of people’s phones

There’s been a lot of discourse about crying babies on planes. But what if that wasn’t even the final boss? What if there’s an even worse annoyance to have to sit through on a long flight? One woman’s viral TikTok video may have found it, and it’s unlocked our new collective fear of flying.

@dailydoseofdorilee posted the video, where she’s en route to Punta Cana and shares her nightmare situation. She starts off acting like she’s filming a travel vlog so viewers can see what she’s dealing with.

“Challenge accepted: I packed for Punta Cana. Personal item only. I’m in the very back of the plane, which is my favorite — I didn’t even choose the seat,” she says. “This is the absolute best day. I got all fancy. I’ve got my outfit underneath.”

As she records, you can hear someone’s device playing Power Rangers in the background, and it is loud. Over her own video, Dorilee writes a caption: “Started to drive me bonkers real quick — I can hear them over my own headphones.”

After a few minutes of filming her pretend “travel vlog,” she puts her own microphone close to her mouth and says quietly, “Isn’t it proper etiquette when you’re on a plane — or like, anywhere in public — to utilize headphones? Can you hear that? I really don’t want to hear that this whole trip. I would rather hear a baby crying. Would I be an a**hole if I talked to the stewardess? I don’t know. Can you actually hear how loud it is?”

As she’s talking, she switches her camera to show the gap in between the seats in front of her, where you can see several iPads have multiple children’s shows playing simultaneously.

The text on the screen reads, “It’s sooooo loud. Two screens,” and then, “I can hear clear as day through ear plugs OR headphones.”

In the comments, people were definitely on Dorilee’s side.

“Flight attendant here…not only proper ettiequte, but it’s policy. If I don’t hear it myself, definitely notify me,” one wrote.

A parent also weighed in: “I have a kid and 100% think you should call the attendant. That’s obnoxious to everyone they are doing that.”

But in an update in the comments, Dorilee didn’t have good news.

“I did notify and they asked them to turn it down. Went down a LITTLE,” she wrote.

Ugh. Parents, don’t let your kids do this. Headphones! They make them for kids!

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