While the World Is Busy Gaslighting Israel, Russia Bombs Children's Hospital in Broad Daylight

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On Monday, Russia bombed Kyiv during rush hour hitting multiple sites across the town. They intentionally struck Ukraine’s largest children’s hospital, which provides care to some of the country’s sickest children, including those with cancer. 

At least 36 are dead and 137 injured across the city, but first responders are still trying to clear the rubble. It is unclear how many children may lie under the destruction in the children’s hospital. It’s the most tragic scenario that could be imagined, and it was done in broad daylight by monsters who purposely targeted vulnerable children and families. 

Some of the doctors were in surgery with children when the strike hit. Before they could run to cover, they had to try to close up the young vulnerable patients amidst horrific conditions. It is unimaginable. 

Iryna Filimonova, a senior nurse at the pediatric urology department, told CNN an operation on a 2-year-old was underway when the strike happened.

“The lights went out, everything went out. We pulled out the instruments, shining flashlights. Everything was sewn up quickly,” Filimonova said. “The baby was brought down (to the shelter). I immediately ran to help clear the rubble. Some of my nursing colleagues who worked in the operating theaters and some doctors were cut by glass fragments. Our department was destroyed.”

Russia has brazenly committed a horrific war crime against innocent civilians, and it is treated like just another day of the Ukraine conflict. Where are the protests? The chants? The burning of flags? Russians are real colonizers, committing actual crimes against humanity. This is a real cause for justice-seekers to adopt, but they are too busy gaslighting Israel to care.

In October of 2023, when the war had just begun, Israel was accused of bombing the Al-Alhi hospital. When it was proven that they did not, no apologies were made. 

Hamas has been proven to use hospitals as their bases, desecrating the neutrality of the humanitarian spaces. Hostages were held in hospitals. Weapons and combatants have been found in hospitals. And yet, no matter how the story goes, Israel is made to blame. All the while, Putin knows the double standard, and he continues to do worse than even the things Israel is accused of but is not held accountable. 

Trump made comments during the debate with Biden that he would settle the conflict between Ukraine and Russia in 24 hours. While he did not divulge details, he has expressed an interest in cutting aid to Ukraine and reportedly possibly postponing its acceptance into NATO. He also claimed that had the U.S. had a stronger president, Russia would not have been so brave to invade Ukraine to begin with. 

“If we had a real president, a president that knew — that was respected by Putin … he would have never invaded Ukraine.”

He’s not wrong. Biden does not instill fear in our enemies. In fact, Biden is said to be the worst president on foreign policy that we’ve had. Trump is a strong leader with common sense who made some historic international victories as president, including the Abraham Accords and significant progress with Kim Jong Un of North Korea. As president, he put the world at attention, and they knew they had to think twice before crossing him. In the case of Ukraine, Republicans need to remember that standing up to Russia is important for the U.S. as the leader of the Western world. If Trump is reelected (and it’s looking like he will be), Putin will know that he means business and that he won’t stand for this conflict to continue any longer. Hopefully, this will result in a decisive resolution for Ukraine and a restoration of their security so that they can rebuild and heal. 

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