What the Boston Globe's Open Letter Had to Say to Biden, Obama, Clinton and More

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The Boston Globe has joined the New York Times, and numerous other Democrats, in begging President Biden to step aside. 

It’s starting to become like a song on repeat. You know it’s the end when donors, megadonors, media outlets, and even left-wing politicians call the President out for betraying them and sinking the Democrat ship with his stubbornness. Their cries fall on deaf ears and they are learning what it feels like to have their interests put aside for one man’s political agenda. Welcome to the world of the Democratic rule. 

The Boston Globe’s board expressed disillusionment and fear for the future of the country in their letter. 

“The nation’s confidence has been shaken,” the board wrote, and the question still remaining goes beyond whether or not the president can win to whether or not he can rule.

Either way spells disaster for the Democrats. There is no easy way out for them now. 

Biden’s legacy is on the line, the board claims. “If he leaves the race now, his party will hail him as a hero. If he stays in and loses, it will be a disaster for the country.”

While they call on Biden to bow out, legally it’s not that easy. And even if it were, there really isn’t a good candidate that they can bank on beating Trump. VP Kamala Harris is the closest she has ever been in the polls but is still 2 points behind Biden. 

She isn’t collectively popular even among Democrats and this is the highest burst of approval she has received, most likely out of necessity. 

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Still, the Boston Globe is optimist about the other choices:

“A bevy of potential candidates — from Vice President Kamala Harris to the governors of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and California, to name only a partial list — are waiting in the wings to take on Trump. All that they need is for Biden to graciously bow out of the race and free his delegates to cast their votes for someone else at the Democratic National Convention,” the board wrote.

Even if the Democratic party wanted to switch out their candidate, it would be very hard if not impossible now. The easiest path would be for Biden to voluntarily step aside, but experts are saying that wouldn’t necessarily create a smooth path for someone to take his place. 

The Boston Globe challenged other leading Democrats to use their leverage to save this burning ship.

Top Democrats now need to step up to persuade Biden to call it quits, the board wrote, naming former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, former House speaker Nancy Pelosi; and South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, “the man who did more than anyone to make Biden the nominee in 2020.”

While their letter is touching, the decision has been made. Biden is clear he won’t step down. Republicans can sit back and enjoy the validation of everything they have been saying about Biden’s health being proven true. Hopefully, this will lead others to see the light about the true nature of the Democrat party. 

They don’t have the best interest of the group in mind, only the interest of the few at the top. That is against everything America stands for, and it’s due time that their ways are exposed. 

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