WATCH: CNN Legal Analyst Nails Biden on False Claim During National Address/Presser

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Joe Biden’s national address and presser in the wake of the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report was an utter mess and a huge mistake. 

He did everything to confirm his diminished capacity, angrily snapping at reporters, denying things that were in the report, and even claiming the leader of Egypt was the leader of Mexico. It was a mess. 

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It was too much for even CNN to take. 

CNN legal analyst Elie Honig laid out how serious this was, acknowledging that Biden retained “sensitive, classified” documents that were of the highest classification. 

“Marked classified, Highest level, Top Secret,” Honig said. “They related to our international affairs, to our war plans, foreign relations.”

“He’s ON TAPE — after he’s out of the vice presidency — saying to his autobiographer, ‘the classified documents are in the basement.’ He knew it!” Honig said, just astonished at Biden’s actions. 

They point out on the panel how Biden denied that during the presser despite the fact that it’s on tape. 

So even CNN is nailing Biden on his false denials and how what he said is contradicted by Hur’s report. Even they have to grudgingly admit just how bad this is for Joe Biden. 

What does that say about where we are when they’re now throwing him under the bus? Have we entered the time for him to be moved to the side? 

Biden is digging a big hole for himself with this. Why his staff let him talk on a Thursday night, I don’t know. They should have just stood on his earlier statement — which was bad enough, but at least it wasn’t an ad for angry incoherent old man. 

His interview with Hur has to have been recorded in some fashion. So if he’s now contradicted what he said then to Hur, he may have some more problems. 

If House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) starts asking for the records, as I suspect he will, he might bring out all the contradictions in what Biden is now saying. Biden has stepped in it big time by talking more than he should have and saying things that can be disproven. He still has to be concerned about impeachment, potentially a 25th Amendment move or possible other charges that might still be out there because of what he did and how he’s attempting to cover himself now. 

The chances that he stays in office, much less continues to be the nominee, just took a quick nosedive with the events of the day. 


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