Two Videos Prove Biden's Stunning Decline—Just Since 2020

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Two videos posted over the weekend unambiguously show the dramatic decline in the vigor and mental processing of the president of the United States. One shows it over decades, and the second reveals just how bad it’s gotten in just the last several years.

The first, a time-lapse from Daily Mail, shows Biden in his Senate days, which started in the early 1970s, compared to what he looks like now. It’s dramatic:

He goes from silver-tongued young lawmaker to angry-looking octogenarian in the short clip, appearing in recent times looking slack-jawed and confused, compared to someone who looked alert and in command of his faculties back in the day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Biden was ever a great senator or vice president—he was most certainly not—but he at least appeared to be mentally present.

DailyMail asked several doctors to take a look at the footage, and this was their conclusion:

The consensus was that there was a sharp decline both in his appearance and cognitive abilities beginning in 2021, according to the experts, who spoke on and off the record due to lingering fears their comments could cause reputational damage.

They told this website the photos revealed a ‘glassy’, vacant look in Biden’s eyes as well as ‘blank’ facial expression and paler skin beginning around three years ago.

Now to be fair, if you made a time-lapse of anyone from the 1970s to the present, you would see dramatic changes. I certainly look nothing like the long-haired pre-teen rascal I was back early in the “Me Decade.” (Yes, I just gave my age away. Oh well—no shame in that.)

But a more recent video shows that Biden’s ability to speak has fallen off a cliff in just the few short years since he assumed the presidency. Even during the 2020 presidential campaign, many of us already noticed issues as he conducted his effort from a Delaware basement, but compared to who he is now, that guy was a regular Cicero:

Look closely at the 2020 video. He does not slur, he does not forget words, and he does not stare vacantly into space. It’s almost as if we’re watching two entirely different men—and I guess, in a sense, we are. 

It’s a sad state of affairs as the media, the White House, and Lady Macbeth Doktor Jill Biden have engaged in a monumental coverup regarding the supposed commander-in-chief. Biden’s meltdown on the debate stage followed by his bizarre ABC interview have done nothing to reassure voters that this man is capable of running the most powerful nation on earth, much less stay alert after 4 p.m. 

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As I’ve said, I take no joy in Biden’s condition—on a personal level at least; I am more than happy to see his campaign and the corrupt Democratic party implode over the situation—but I and many of our readers have dealt with dementia in the people we love. It’s an absolutely brutal thing to watch.  

But just because we may have an ounce of empathy for this deplorable family does not mean that he should be running for a second term as president of the United States. In fact, his condition should immediately disqualify him, and he should step down yesterday, and these videos prove it in no uncertain terms. 

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