Tissue alert: TikTok mom shows *her* mom’s emotional response to a ‘Bluey’ episode

Fans of “Bluey” all know by now that it’s not just a kid’s show, but it creates fans from every generation—even the grandparents. Mom Annalee shared a video on TikTok of her showing her own mom the “Baby Race” episode in the kitchen, and at the end, they’re both crying of course.

Baby Race showcases how hard it is to be a new parent with all the unknowns, trying to hit milestones, and never knowing if you’re doing the right thing. This feeling never goes away, honestly, no matter how old our children get, as evidenced by this touching video of Annalee sharing her mom’s reaction to the end of the iconic episode.

In Annalee’s caption, she said, “Saving this to remind myself that just because your babies grow older doesn’t mean they aren’t your babies anymore.” And boy is she right.

The beginning of the video shows Annalee’s mom watching the part of “Baby Race” where Coco’s mom Bella tells Chilli she’s “doing great,” while she sits on her porch watching Bluey and crying because despite all of her efforts, Bluey still hasn’t taken her first steps. Chilli is all of us in this moment, the mom guilt and feeling of failure is real. 

Analee’s mom laughs and cries when Coco tells Chilli that she’s doing great, and Analee pokes her head into the frame, showing she’s clearly also crying herself. 

The TikTok video then cuts to the final and most beautiful scene of the episode, where Bingo asks Chilli if Bluey ever learned to walk, and then the scene cuts to Chilli in the kitchen and Bluey beginning to slowly walk toward her. Annalee’s mom whispers, “Oh!” while Annalee is sobbing behind her. Annalee’s mom laughs through the tears when Bingo asks why Bluey learned how to walk in the kitchen, and when Chilli says, “I don’t know, sweetie,” and Bingo responds, “Maybe she just saw something she wanted.” And then the two generations of moms cry harder. 

“Oh!” Annalee’s mom responded. “I’m kind of at a period of life where I’m thinking ‘What am I doing?’”

“You know, but you see that to know that you were like that, you’re hugging me like that and wanting me still like that is everything,” Annalee’s mom told her. “Everything.”

After they go in for a long embrace, Annalee wipes her face with her sweatshirt sleeve and turns the camera off, while her mom dries her eyes in the background. 

Thanks, Bluey, for reminding us all that we’re doing great, and giving us the opportunity to show that mamas will always look at their children as their babies and be reminded of the hard times, but be happy about the good.

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