The Business of Beauty Haul of Fame: $30,000 for an Erewhon Smoothie?


Welcome back to Haul of Fame, the weekly beauty roundup of new products, new ideas and a serious question for J.Lo.

Included in today’s issue: Beautycounter, Bella Hadid, Biopelle, Byredo, Dime, Dualist, Ellis Brooklyn, Franz Skincare, Gen See, Grace & Stella, Gretchen Wieners, Goop, Harry Styles, Jennifer Lopez, Kate MacLeod, Kiko Milano, Kulfi, Laneige, Milk Makeup, Mother Science, Olive & June, Ouai, Pat McGrath Labs, Philip B., Redken, Urban Decay, UMA Oils, Versed and a bunch of French hairbrushes.

But first…

When the brand Truly Beauty asked me to get a drink, I assumed they meant one of the excellent martinis at Jac’s on Bond. They did not. The self-care range most famous for its delectable rainbow-swirl shaving cream (called Unicorn Fruit, and truly delightful on the skin) is teaming up with Erewhon on a new smoothie, the Truly Cooka Colada, out May 1.

The drink has all parts of the coconut — the water, cream and fruit meat — plus pineapple, banana, maple syrup and mango glaze. It retails for $9 (cheap for Erewhon, right?) and mirrors the brand’s Cooka Colada shave butter, which also has coconut and pineapple extracts. Truly Beauty’s founder, Maxx Appelman, told me that “Erewhon approached us about the collaboration. Our products are sold in all 10 of their stores as their headline high-end shave brand.”

In LA, Erewhon is an Eden for celebrities and the people who want to detox like them. A smoothie placement can mean top-of-mind visibility for influencers and A-listers. And while Appelman says it didn’t cost anything to get Truly Beauty’s drink onto Erewhon’s menu, “we did pay a $30,000 fee to cover free smoothies” for subscribers to the store’s membership programme.

Appelman says his brand has been at Erewhon for about a year, and while under 5 percent of their revenue comes from the supermarket, “on a per-store basis, Erewhon is one of our strongest retailers … We’ve had a lot of success with them.”

The prospect of linking a yummy-smelling product to an actually yummy smoothie is super-fun, though we’ll see if paying $30,000 to supply vegan-adjacent VIPs with free slurps is a wise investment. Dove did a smoothie partnership with Juice Press in August 2023 that linked with their body scrub scents, and gave each sipper a $3 coupon off future Dove purchases. There are now rumbles of several smoothie beauty routines linked to Met Gala Monday.

In any case, just as Starbucks cups were the “drink me” accessories of the early aughts, smoothies are making the case as the next portable status symbol. (Unlike Stanley Cups, they are also disposable. This sucks for the planet but is a boon to brand budgets.) It seems prescient to sponsor this new investable ingestible early, before a Chalamet or an Olsen casually grabs hold.


Last summer, Kate MacLeod released a bug-repellant-slash-moisturiser called The Dusk Stone. On April 24, it crept onto Sephora, just in time for outdoor yoga season.

Also on April 24, Dualist introduced their Balancing Oil-Serum, which delivers doses of hydration and nourishment for $95. It is fragrance-free, which is a major win for those of us wilting from seasonal allergies right now. (It’s me, hi, I’m the sneezer…)

April 26 brought the 2000 Ampoule Toner and Aeturnum Luxe Ampoule Mist from Franz Skincare. The duo comes loaded with peptides and hyaluronic acid, and yes, both products sound like they are also names for tiny spaceships. Ahsoka, you missing a ride?

Grace & Stella dropped their glitter purple under-eye patches and pink-and-purple zit stickers on April 26. They are adorable and retail between $10 and $20, about $6 less than very similar versions from Florence by Mills.

Gwyneth has entered the suncare chat! On April 29, Goop introduced Summertone Bronzing Gel, “a sheer tint that adds an instant wash of colour (and boosts your skin with antioxidants).” It’s $38, but if you’re looking for a bargain instead, the brand’s G. Tox pore refining tonic is currently $22.50, marked down from $75.

Mother Science debuted its Retinol Synergist serum on April 30. It combines retinol with malassezin, a molecule that could help reduce discoloration and hyperpigmentation. I’m surprised more brands haven’t jumped on the “mother” slang bandwagon. Related: Nicole Kidman, where’s your own skincare line?

Harry Styles loves Texas… we think. The superstar’s new Pleasing lip balms debuted at a pop-up boutique in Austin on April 27, then everywhere else on April 30. They come in two flavours — Peppermint Honey and Vanilla Fig — and cost $25 each.

Biopelle unveiled Antioxidant CE Plus Serum and C+AHA Renewal Serum on May 1. Both formulas promise a “gentle version” of Vitamin C, but just a reminder — if you’re using any type of fruit acid on your complexion, you need SPF all day, everyday!

Would you like to try new skin washes? UMA’s Deeply Clarifying Purify & Balance Gel Cleanser and Detox & Renew Pore Minimising Exfoliant both rolled out on May 2.


Impress premiered its matching manicure-and-pedicure press-on nail kits on April 25. This is so smart for those everything-must-match people. And yes, it seems every nail brand has a press-on right now. (Olive & June’s came out on May 2, and include both super-neutral and blue metallic versions.) I’ll test some versions and let you know if any last through the day without falling off…

On April 25, Versed rolled out its classic Glow Drops in a sheer rose gold tint, which is a win for anyone who loves highlighter and wants to match their makeup to their Beats by Dre pink headphones. (This is not sarcasm; I see these rose gold headphones on subway riders — of all genders — at least five times a day. They’re basically an accessory at this point.)

Gen See’s new lipstick shades, Anita and Colette, arrived on April 25. Both are named after employee moms (awww!) and come in a pink nude and a latte brown for maximum ‘90s nostalgia.

April 26 brought us four new shades of Pat McGrath Labs Divine Cream Blush, including a “Vivid Orange” that’s made for deep skin tones, but could also double as an eye colour wash on lighter ones.

On April 29, Urban Decay finally launched its All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray with Hyaluronic Acid, after nearly a month of its “coming soon” memo on the Ulta New Arrivals page. Welcome to the world, kid!

Beautycounter dropped its Cheeky Clean Cream Bronzer on April 30, which is the least dramatic news about the company this week.

Nordstrom has the exclusive on Kiko Milano’s “Bridgerton” collaboration, which rolled into stores and online April 30. The range has nine super-girly products, including a blush and highlighter duo, lipstick, gloss, eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow stick, and metallic liquid eyeliner. My favourite is the Gilded Glaze Shimmering Cream Eyeshadow, probably because it’s the one I can imagine best on Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan.

New eyeliner alert! On May 1, Kulfi introduced its Kajal Eyeliner in a new shade called Jamun Glaze, named for a really gorgeous Indian plum. The brand will donate 5 percent of eyeliner proceeds to the mental health collective Sad Girls Club, so $1 from every purchase.

May 2 brought us a new Pore Eclipse Matte Blur Stick from Milk Makeup. Besides the usual smoothing effects, it also has tea tree oil in the formula to help curb breakouts.

Hair Care

I don’t know when hairbrushes became the new prestige beauty tool, but voila. In February, La Bonne Brosse (“The Good Brush”) made a quiet appearance at Raquel New York, the in-the-know Tribeca skin spa. The brushes are made in France with lightly twisted handles for a more ergonomic grip, plus bristles that claim to enhance hair shine and mobility. This week, Altesse Studio, another heritage brush brand with 100 percent boar bristles from France, debuts online at Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and IRL at C.O. Bigelow. I’ve tested La Bonne Brosse and I like it very much; it makes my curls quite soft and almost doll-like. That’s perhaps the whole point — hair brushes are very much a symbol of global girlhood, and when you couple them with the French Girl Beauty allure that’s still tres intense, the selling potential is so real. But so is this question: Who’s paying $320 for a brush?

If you believe shower creams are a better investment, Philip B.’s new Peppermint Avocado conditioner came out on May 1.

Redken launched its Acidic Bonding Curls line with six products, including shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, a curl mist, a gel and a curl cream. It claims to use new technology to “restore the natural curl pattern and health to processed, damaged curls.” As someone with 3c texture prone to breakage, I found the Hydrating Curl Cream ($32) to be the real winner. It helps coils keep their shape without feeling greasy or crunchy. It also doesn’t have much of a scent, which is reassuring, considering the new insistence that haircare should also be perfume.


Speaking of that insistence, Ouai St. Barts Hair and Body Mist dropped on April 30, with orange oil and “ocean breeze accord,” which is a fragrance compound that can smell salty and sweet at the same time. I actually do love Ouai’s signature scent, but it’s funny how its floral punch has replaced Chloé eau de parfum as the most recognizable scent at New York Pilates.

On April 25, Dime launched their Running Late perfume with “zesty citrus notes layered with blooming florals and soft musk.” The bottle is an easy-to-grab little rectangle, so if you’re actually running late, you can throw it in your purse.

Also on the ocean front, Ellis Brooklyn unveiled Miami Nectar on April 29, which is loaded with “pineapple, palm leaves, and coconut water.” (Remind me to write a column soon on how everyone wants to look like they’ve been on vacation, but nobody wants to spend the money and time to go on vacation.)

Is it a little late for a “Mean Girls” product collaboration? It is. Can we forgive the timing because Literie’s new On Wednesdays We Wear Pink candle smells like toaster strudel? We can.

Bella Hadid isn’t the only one who wants her fragrance to multitask. On April 25, Aprés Nail introduced a cuticle serum in four different scents. All are infused with turmeric, almond and jojoba oil and vitamin b. None start with an apostrophe (ahem, Bella!) in an attempt to be first on every alphabetical listing.

Modern Vanilla launched its new Jane Parfum Oil on May 1. It smells fantastic — a little hazy, a little honeyed — but because it’s an all-natural oil, it just doesn’t last on my skin for that long. Creator Erika Kuhn recommended I roll it onto a cotton t-shirt neck instead, which is a cool trick.

May 1 also brought us the beloved Mojave Ghost as a solid perfume — the first time it’s done that — and the debut of JLo fragrance’s new scent Limitless, which includes jasmine, ylang ylang, and patchouli oil. (JLo, do you really ever smell like patchouli oil? Please advise.)

And Finally

Laneige teamed up with the accessory company BonBonWhims on a series of kawaii “lip balm charms” for influencers and editors. (They’re basically like giving the tip of your tube a piercing.) I took a very scientific Instagram poll and asked if these beauty charms were gonna be a thing. Nearly everyone who voted “yes” was in Gen Z or has a kid in primary school. Perhaps the return of Sweet Secrets is imminent.

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