Swalwell Attacks Impeachment Inquiry, Waltz and Luna Destroy Him With Hilarious, Savage Responses

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The House Oversight Committee hearing with Hunter Biden’s former business associates certainly had some explosive moments, as we reported on Wednesday. 

Witness Tony Bobulinski went to town, taking no prisoners and accusing Hunter and Jim Biden of perjury, as well as saying Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) had lied about the matter. 

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He also laid out how the Bidens had been selling the brand of the Biden name to a variety of people including foreign nationals. Among those nationals were people connected to the Chinese government. It was not a good day for the Biden team and its defenders. 

But Democrats like Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) kept attacking the inquiry. Now, let’s recall it was Swalwell who intervened to help Hunter Biden pontificate outside the Capitol building rather than appearing in answer to the subpoena on the day he was supposed to testify initially. 

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During the hearing on Wednesday, Swalwell had a very performative moment where he declared the inquiry dead at 5:16. Except his effort was done in by Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) with a couple of simple words. Listen closely as she interjects. 

“Say it in Chinese,” Luna said, referencing Eric Swalwell’s relationship with Christine Fang, known as “Fang Fang,” for which he was kicked off the House Intelligence Committee.  

“I find it incredibly rich Mr. Swalwell was going to come to this committee and lecture us about how China penetrates our government. I think that’s something he may know a thing or two about,” Waltz said, tongue in cheek with a reference to Swalwell’s relationship with “Fang Fang.” 

Waltz then questioned Bobulinski, laying out some of the serious concerns about the Chinese influence/ties to the Biden family

That’s the thing that the Democrats should be concerned about. They’re making up all kinds of crazy things about Russia Collusion 2.0, as we saw with Rep. Jared Moskowitz (putting on a Putin mask on Wednesday), but they don’t want to look at the connections to foreign nationals, particularly the Chinese, right in front of their faces. China’s influence is being largely ignored. While what Waltz and Luna said was funny, it was also incredibly important to make that point. 

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