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Hearts That Cut by Kika Hatzopoulou


In this heart-pounding, much-anticipated sequel to Threads That Bind, Io will face threats even more dangerous and players even more powerful as she discovers what it will mean to follow—or defy—her fate.It’s been five weeks since Io left Alante to follow the golden thread, and she’s no closer to finding the god on the other end. She spends her days in constant, grueling travel and her nights worrying over the fate-thread she shares with Edei—which seems to be fraying. Making matters worse, she and Bianca soon realize that their only lead has shaken them off, snapped the golden thread, and disappeared.But not before Io gathers some crucial clues. Her investigation leads her to a new mystery, a rash of sibling disappearances across the Wastelands that seems to be connected to the murders in Alante. And all signs point to Nanzy, the golden city, as the center of the whole conspiracy.As Io and Bianca make their way to Nanzy, they face powerful enemies, find allies new and old, and uncover a horrifying plot that traces back centuries. The more Io learns, the more she begins to suspect that the future of the world may truly rest on her shoulders. But she will have to determine how much of the future is her choice—and how much is simply her fate.

Expected publication June 4, 2024




This is a sequel so there will be spoilers from book one below.

Io and Bianca left the group and have been traveling through the wastelands. There are threats along the way including deadly creatures. They do quick work for a bit of money and keep moving on. Io can’t feel Edei coming to find her like she promised. Their fate thread looks to be fraying and she thinks that he doesn’t care that way for her anymore. Io is also dealing with the feeling of her sisters screwing her over. Bianca becomes a good ally, but she is struggling to just stay alive and to not lose herself. They find out that sibling groups are missing all over and think that it has to be connected. They slowly make their way to the city of Nanzy where all the mayors are gathering. Io is sure that they will find the gods there. She just isn’t sure what they’ll do once they find them. Luckily they find people along the way that are willing to help. But most people still believe the gods are dead and Io knows that it will be difficult to kill someone immortal.

I gave this book 4 1/2 stars. I’m not sure if it’s the final book or if there will be a third. There were no cliffhangers, but it felt like the ending wrapped up a bit quickly.

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