People have strong opinions about this grandma’s Mother’s Day rant

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, there’s a good chance that it’s you as a mom feeling obligated to make plans to celebrate your own mom and your mother-in-law, even if what you really want is to be left totally alone for a few hours. Over on TikTok, plenty of young and/or new moms are frustrated AF over having to plan yet another day to make everyone else happy, but one grandma is making the case for not leaving out other generations of moms on this holiday. And of course, the comments section got a bit spicy.

TikToker @𝙼𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚜𝚊𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑2𝙻𝚜 recently shared that she’d seen a post from a younger creator that said “Mother’s Day is for moms in the trenches, not for mother-in-laws and [other] moms and grandparents.” And while Mellissa understands that “a lot of holidays can be very exhausting, to try and get everybody in to celebrate everybody,” she says, “I am so tired of moms and mother-in-laws and grandparents being sh*t on,” especially on social media.

“When did the younger generation just totally throw us to the wolves?” she asked, acknowledging that not all young and/or new moms do this, with plenty that respect older generations of parents. She simply doesn’t want any mom to feel “ignored” on a day when they should still be honored, too.

“As a mom, how am I going to celebrate my son or be thankful to be a mom if my children aren’t around me because I’m older, I’m an older mom?” she continued, asking followers for their thoughts on this Mother’s Day debate.

Plenty in the comments section noted that their MILs tend to make the day all about them, leaving them feeling drained and underappreciated on a day when they should feel special. 

“I am a young mom of three,” shared one mom. “I don’t want to run around to make the grandmas happy that day. When do I just get a day to do what I want?”

“Young moms (I am one) are simply asking that they don’t have to spend the whole day traveling to grandparents houses,” added another. “They want a day home with their family without running all over & being forgotten.”

Some grandmas noted that they’re still the ones “in the trenches” by helping with childcare, and they deserve recognition for all that unsung labor, too. “I keep her so her parents can work, I take her to dance class, I watch her while they go out of town some weekends,” shared one grandma.

Others rightfully pointed out that perhaps dads, husbands, boyfriends, partners, and/or spouses should take the lead, making plans to celebrate their own moms as well as the ones raising their own children. This way, if a young mom wants to do absolutely nothing on that day, he can take the kids to see grandma(s) and everyone gets what they want. And if a young mom wants to spend the day with her babies, there’s always Saturday to celebrate MILs and/or grandmas.

Ultimately, moms of any age deserve to enjoy the day in the way that makes them happiest, so here’s hoping partners and spouses step up to the plate to help make it happen.

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