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Patrick Peterson’s critics are rebuffed by Kyler Murray: “You’re on some strange s —‘

Patrick Peterson, the former cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals, slammed Kyler Murray Wednesday, claiming that he “doesn’t care about anybody but Kyler Murray.”

Murray and Peterson were teammates for two seasons. But the rivalry between them is evident and Murray responded on Twitter to Peterson’s comments.

“This isn’t true…you on some strange s— @p2 You got my number, if this is something you feel like as a mentor or big bro, you should call me and tell us, not drag me so that your podcast can grow …”,” the Cardinals quarterback tweeted Wednesday.

Bryant McFadden, a former NFL cornerback, brought up the Cardinals’ recent troubles and concerns. Peterson was asked if Kingsbury would be a “scapegoat” during Wednesday’s episode on “All Things Covered.”

“Ain’t no maybe. Peterson stated that he would be, referring to his long-standing team. The crazy thing is that the guy who hired him will still be employed.

After Sunday’s 25-24 loss to Los Angeles Chargers, the Cardinals are now 4-8. Murray stated that the Cardinals had been “kind of f—ed schematically” after the game.

After 10 seasons playing with the Cardinals, Peterson signed with the Vikings in March 2021.

Murray’s $230.5 million, the five-year extension was not without controversy. The deal included an “independent studies” clause that required four hours of filming and game study each week. The clause was criticized by the Cards, and the Cards eventually removed it from their contract.

Murray is in his fourth season as a Cardinals player. He reached the playoffs last year with an 11-6 record. However, the Cardinals have taken a backward step this season.

Rumors have surfaced that Murray and Kliff Kingsbury have had a turbulent relationship, particularly after a recent row. However, both sides have dismissed this speculation.

Murray stated that Murray didn’t find it troubling or that it did not faze him. We’re trying to win. It’s a moment-to-moment thing. Then, it’s over.

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