Oh, Look: Harris Cheerleaders Drop 'Racism' Card on Those Who Oppose Her As Democrat Presidential Nominee

I’m in a bottom-line state of mind today, so let’s just get after it right off the bat.

Cheerleaders for Kamala Harris becoming the Democrat presidential nominee if cognitively-vacant Joe Biden is “coaxed” to abandon his reelection bid have turned to a familiar theme in attacking her critics: racism. Of course they have. It’s what they do. 

The bottom-line truth is it doesn’t matter if Harris is black, white, chartreuse, polka dot, or glow in the dark; she’s an inept, word-salad poser who has no business anywhere near the White House — exactly like she has had no business anywhere near the vice presidency. So why is she there? (See: “DEI hire.”)

How can I say this diplomatically? 

If Harris weren’t both black and a woman, she wouldn’t have been on anyone’s list — not even close — for consideration as Biden’s running mate in 2020. I suspect even she knows that.

Nevertheless, in a column for the pro-women, pro-LGBT news site The 19th, an editor claimed Harris was initially omitted from media discussions about possible replacements for Biden if he bowed out of the race. Errin Haines suggested Harris faced “snubs” from white Democrats, who were discussing her chances of getting the nomination if Joe blows. Writing for the online site on Wednesday, Haines said:

Harris was among Biden’s staunchest and swiftest defenders after a poor performance at the first presidential debate of the 2024 cycle on June 27. Nervous — mostly white — Democrats began raising questions about Biden’s age and capacity to continue as the party’s nominee, and some called for him to step aside. But some of the early talk of a potential successor routinely skipped over the sitting vice president.

Memo to Ms. Haines: Exactly. Jumping out the pan into the fire is not a good strategy for winning elections.

The former race reporter for the Associated Press also said Harris faced other “slights” in the discussion about her possible candidacy if Biden is successfully kicked to the curb.

In the last few days, as Harris has entered the conversation, familiar criticisms of her leadership, readiness and ability to effectively message to and connect with voters have resurfaced. She is frequently referred to simply as ‘Kamala’ by the press and was called ‘the first DEI president’ in a recent New York Post editorial and by a GOP congressman.

Hold the bus. Harris’s “ability to effectively message and connect with voters”? You’re joking, right?

The Democrat Replacement Theory Faces a Kamala Quandary

Haines then trotted out the expected whataboutism scenario.

If the president and vice president were two white males, there wouldn’t be this strong discussion about who could or should be selected in the political process if the president has decided not to move forward.

[Harris] has run, won and governed at every level, including sitting steps away from the Oval Office. She continues to show up every day, doing the job of the vice president. 

She has checked all those boxes. We’re going to be very aware of how people continue to talk about her in this moment, about her readiness to lead, her qualifications, her experience.

Be “all aware” all you want to, Ms. Haines. Kamala Harris is in so far over her head that she sometimes makes Biden look good, so your silly threats are cartoonish at best. 

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As for “checking all those boxes,” one would expect — this one included — that being able to deliver a cogent speech, or even talk off the cuff, would be one of those boxes, vs. a word-salad queen who generally makes no sense at all when she speaks — which is only when she’s not laughing hysterically about “yellow school buses” and Venn diagrams. 

Finally, this comedy bit from Haines:

Black women know Biden is old. But, they say, he was old four years ago when they voted for him — and they feel comfortable voting for him again because they believe he has a capable vice president who is ready to lead if he cannot continue.

Huh? I mean, I get the whole Kamala push, but now this “editor” is claiming “black women” are comfortable voting for totally sharp as a tack, mentally competent Joe Biden, even after his disastrous last two weeks. What kind of objective analysis is that?

But just in case the near-vegetable either decides to bow or is somehow forced out, Haines knows the exact black woman to replace him. That, my friends, is where true racism enters the picture.

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