Model and SlutWalk Founder Amber Rose to Speak at GOP Convention In Support of Trump

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Model, television star, and “SlutWalk” founder Amber Rose has been making quite a few waves in the political world lately. She recently openly endorsed Trump, causing a ton of backlash toward her. 

But none of this seems to matter to her as she’s not only doubled and tripled down on her Trump support, but she’s now quadrupled it by stating she’ll be speaking at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, according to a post on X. 

Rose’s support of Trump took a lot of people by surprise, however she’s stated her reasoning on multiple occasions. 

Recently, she told TMZ that she’s no longer brainwashed like so many people have been and will support Donald Trump. She added that she will always stand up for women’s rights and there’s no greater way to do that than to “Make America Great Again.” 

She then posted a picture of herself posing with Trump and Melania to her Instagram on Monday, eliciting quite a bit of backlash from shocked fans who told her to stop calling herself a feminist and telling her they’re letting her go. Rose fired back by making it clear that she’s standing with women and that the Democrats clearly aren’t.

“Lmaooo yall think Biden cares about black ppl??? Sad,” she posted to her Instagram. “Do ur research. I did. I’ll ALWAYS put women first. Y’all want biological men in women’s sports Co Trump supports the most reasonable compromise on abortion. Stop being brainwashed cuz WE’RE ppl of color. Make your own decisions.” 

Moreover, Rose’s sentiments regarding the Democrats not caring about the black community seem to be echoed throughout it. As many polls have shown, Biden is bleeding out in terms of black support, while Trump’s support from that community is growing. As Bonchie reported, this includes in swing states where Biden still has a hefty lead by over 50 percent, but Trump’s support is up six points. 

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Moreover, as Trump is only gaining support, Biden’s post-debate performance only has people questioning his abilities in his own party, further making it difficult for his defenders to retort with anything but “but he’s not Trump,” which is increasingly not a selling point for the black community.  

Rose’s announcement that she’s been invited to speak at the RNC has been greeted with mixed response, with some like Scott Presler welcoming her with open arms and others not liking the fact that the unrepentant founder of the SlutWalk is now speaking at a major GOP gathering. Still, the majority of the responses seem to be positive. 

Either way, this should end up being an interesting moment in GOP history. 

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