Meghan Trainor feels the way we all feel about our second child: ‘He’s testing me’

Meghan Trainor always wanted a big family. She’s always dreamed about having at least four kids—even after her first baby. But now that she’s on her second? She may be reconsidering, she admitted when she appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show this week for a new interview about how her life has changed as a mom of two.

Trainor and her husband, Spy Kids actor Daryl Sabara, welcomed their second son, Barry, in July 2023. Their first son, Riley, turned three in February.

At first during her interview, Trainor gushed about her new arrival, Barry.

“He’s so good,” she said. “The smiliest. If you make eye contact with him, he immediately [smiles].”

But she soon opened up about how it hasn’t all been smooth sailing with the new baby.

“Barry, as a baby is so different than Riley. Barry cries more, Barry had an upset tummy,” she said.

Trainor continued, “Riley was like our trick baby. He was so easy I was like, ‘Let’s have six. This is a joke.’ And then after two I was like, ‘We’re doing more?’ I still want four, four is my dream. But baby No. 2, he’s testing me.”

Luckily, Trainor has a great support system in her husband, Sabara, whom she called a “king.” She said he’s been right by her side as they tackle all the new challenges that have come their way as new parents, like potty training Riley.

“He’s not pumped but he’s doing so good,” Trainor said about that particular journey. Moms everywhere can relate.

Meanwhile, Trainor is fully leaning into the fun parts of being a mom.

“I’m a full soccer mom,” she said, describing little Riley’s first soccer games. “I bring the blankets, I have a hat that says soccer mom. Every time he makes a goal he runs right to us for a running hug.”

Because she is an actual superstar, Trainor, with two toddlers, is also getting ready for a headlining tour this year alongside the release of her new album, “Timeless.” And she says it’s the second baby that’s making her reconsider having more kids? We’re tired just thinking of that schedule.

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