Marlins Partner With Local Miami Street Artists for Heritage Night Jersey Collaboration

As an area known for its eclectic style, vibrant colors, and diverse cultures, Miami is the ideal place to showcase the unique heritage of its residents. The Miami Marlins are incorporating the city’s distinctive aesthetic into their latest merchandise release by collaborating with four local street art icons to design a jersey for various Heritage Night celebrations. Attendees can purchase a ticket package for one of the Heritage nights and receive a custom-designed Marlins jersey created by one of the four street artists.

These special jerseys, created for Cuban, Puerto Rican, Venezuelan, and Dominican Heritage nights, are unique pieces of art and symbols of cultural pride. Renowned street artists in Miami, including  Abstrik, Atomik, Porti and Arive, have infused each jersey with their unique graffiti styles, bringing a touch of Latin flair to the designs and celebrating the rich heritage of these communities.

The jerseys are available during the following games:

  • Abstrk – (Cuban Heritage on Saturday, May 18)
Miami Marlins Cuba Jersey
  • Atomik – (Puerto Rico Heritage on Saturday, June 8)
Miami Marlins Puerto Rico
  • Porti – (Venezuelan Heritage on Saturday, July 20)
Miami Marlins Jersey
  • Arive – (Dominican Heritage on Saturday, Aug. 10)

Find more information about the Heritage Celebration Series here. Tickets are available at  

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