Looks Like James Clyburn Wants Biden Gone, Too: Democrat Kingmaker to 'Tell Him What I Really Feel'

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As the list of Democrat lawmakers who want Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race continues to grow, it looks like powerful South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn is about to add his name to that list.

Clyburn said in an interview that aired on Tuesday he plans to talk with Biden “soon,” and give him an assessment of his “standing” with voters, in the wake of his beyond-disastrous debate performance.

“I did plan to … talk with him later today or … tomorrow morning,” Clyburn said in an interview with “The Hill,” adding: “And I’m gonna tell him what I really feel.”

I do know this: I think that the American people want an explanation; they need to be reassured, and I hope that over the next several days, we’ll do that.

Translation: Clyburn wants to stick a fork in Joe — and soon. 

As noted by “The Hill,” Clyburn is often credited with Biden’s 2020 South Carolina presidential primary win, which gave him momentum toward securing his place at the top of the Democrat ticket that year, and going on to beat Donald Trump in the general election. Boy howdy, how times have changed for Biden and the Democrats.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) became the first Democrat lawmaker to publicly call on Biden to drop out. 

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Saying “too much is at stake,” Doggett also said in a statement:

President Biden has continued to run substantially behind Democratic senators in key states and in most polls has trailed Donald Trump. I had hoped that the debate would provide some momentum to change that. It did not. Instead of reassuring voters, the president failed to effectively defend his many accomplishments and expose Trump’s many lies.

Incidentally, I never fail to be amused by Democrats citing Trump’s “many lies,” given that serial-lying Biden has lied throughout his 50 years in national politics, whether by plagiarizing major speeches, lying about his son Beau dying in Iraq, or claiming he didn’t have executive authority to stop, without congressional legislation, the border crisis he intentionally created — until he pretended to do just that. 

Then we read the fine print and learned Biden’s desperate executive order was a hollow joke, which only gave equally-serial-lying Home Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas even more authority to continue the steady flow of illegal aliens into this country.

Next up, former Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan (Ohio) who briefly mounted a 2020 presidential run, said in a Tuesday op-ed for Newsweek that Biden should withdraw, and that Kamala Harris should become the party’s nominee.

I love America. I love our Party. I love Joe Biden. But this election needs to be about generational change — something about which I have been shouting for more than a year now.

I supported Joe because I believe he is a good and honorable man. I’m still very happy with my decision. He is the most pro-union, pro-manufacturing president in my lifetime. He understands the working class people — regardless of race or gender—that I represented in my Northeast Ohio Congressional District for 20 years.

He also promised to be a bridge President to the next generation. I liked that idea. I envisioned him defeating former President Donald Trump, stabilizing the country, and passing the torch to the next generation.

Regrettably, that bridge collapsed last week. Witnessing Joe Biden struggle was heartbreaking. And we must forge a new path forward.

Ryan was effusive about Harris, whose poll numbers have historically been worse than Biden’s.

After deep reflection over these past few days, I strongly believe that our best path forward is Kamala Harris. Kamala was the highlight of a historically dreadful night. Across cable news stations, the Vice President’s performance was stellar, a ray of light in the darkness. 

Those who questioned her chops over the past several years were rebuked by a polished, confident leader communicating clearly in the throes of a political meltdown of epic proportions. I loved watching it. Our vice-president was masterful.

Kamala Harris: “masterful.” Who knew? Ryan also called Harris “brilliant.

In addition, several Democrat governors have sought a meeting with Biden, following his debate performance and his obvious decline in mental capacity. That meeting has now been confirmed as scheduled for Wednesday (today, as I write).

The concern from some of the nation’s Democratic governors were aired on a call Monday organized by Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, one of the sources said. The call was attended by governors only.

On the call, some of the governors expressed surprise that they had not heard from Biden himself about his debate performance. There was a strong sentiment on the call that they needed to hear from Biden directly on the matter.

There was also some discussion of having Vice President Kamala Harris address them.

The governors, one of the sources said, were worried about going public with their concerns out of fear that it would lead to Biden digging in further. Plans for the meeting at the White House are underway but it has not been scheduled.

However, The Sacramento Bee on Tuesday confirmed that the meeting would take place.

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As I wrote on Tuesday, Joe Biden might not yet be a dead man walking, yet, but somebody should probably tell “Dr.” Jill to prepare for the inevitable. As for Joe himself, something tells me that once the whole thing is finally over, he’d be relieved to just sleep in that beach chair.

Final Thoughts

The irony of this whole thing couldn’t be “better.”

On one hand, Republicans have been quick — even eager — to call out every example of Biden’s obvious mental decline since early in the 2016 primaries of Joe’s “basement campaign.” Yet, if Biden is forced out, or leaves of his own volition, the calculus of the 2024 election will be immediately reset, which an objective person could have reasonable cause to believe would better favor the Democrats, with Biden gone.

On the other side of the aisle, Democrats have rushed to defend Biden’s declining mental capacity throughout those same four years. Yet, if Biden remains on the ticket, which looks less and less likely, he will surely go down to defeat.

Politics: love it hate it; it never fails to intrigue.

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