Jonathan Turley Calls Out WH for Disgusting Response to Invitation From Comer for Biden to Testify

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As we reported, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer invited Joe Biden to testify in the impeachment inquiry.  “Biden must answer questions about his participation in his family’s pay-for-influence schemes,” Comer declared. 

Among the things the letter said was that Biden had denied involvement, but they had evidence to the contrary and that the White House was also refusing to turn over certain information or let witnesses testify, which Comer termed “obstruction” — which could raise more impeachment potential issues. You can check out the full letter here.

White House Counsel spokesperson Iam Sams wrote an unprofessional and ridiculous response to Comer, when Comer first mentioned that he would be sending out an invitation. 

Then when the invitation officially went out, he really went over the edge with the juvenile response. 

This is supposed to be the spokesperson. This is how the White House behaves; these are the alleged “adults in charge” spreading teen memes, in response to an impeachment inquiry. Mostly because they don’t dare have Joe Biden comply, so they have to do everything they can to deflect and gaslight like this. 

George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley had a few things to say about this bad response from the White House. 

“I can’t remember an administration that had a White House Counsel’s Office that engage so directly in taunting and attacking legal inquiries from Congress. I mean, this is an impeachment inquiry. It’s the most important possible process that a President and Congress are engaged in. And yet you have a member of the legal Counsels Office, mocking and taunting that effort. The fact is that the President’s public statements to the public stand completely contradicted. [Biden] lied, he lied when he said he had not spoken to business associates, he lied when he said he didn’t have knowledge of these business dealings.

Turley notes the letter reduces everything down to 10 questions for Biden to answer, mostly had he spoken to Hunter’s business associates. 

Given the Hur report, the White House knows that testifying would put Joe Biden in deep trouble. He might truly put his foot in it, and accidentally give up critical information that can sink them–or further expose his mental issues. They also have no explanation for Biden’s lies and changing stories over the years. The White House is, again, basically spitting on all norms with this kind of response.

As Turley accurately notes, the media doesn’t care about holding their feet to the fire on all of Joe Biden’s lies and the potential issues in this case. But that isn’t going to quiet the questions into Biden’s actions. 

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