It's July 4th, and Americans Are Burning Our Flag—Why Are These People Even Here?

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It’s July 4th, and instead of celebrating our country, protestors in New York City’s Washington Square Park are burning our flag. 

The Pro-Hamas protesters think that the best way to “free Palestine” is to spit upon the country that made “free” even a thing. 

The video shows a sign that also says “Death to all kings” and has a picture of both Biden and Trump. I wonder how they think the leaders are chosen for Hamas? Are they elected? (Yes, they originally won elections in 2006 — but have refused to hold any votes since then. Not exactly a place that enjoys what we would refer to as “freedom.”) Do they have any accountability to the people? If our elected officials are considered “kings”, what does that make the terrorist organization that controls the strip and impoverishes the people while they live lavishly in another country?

The ignorance and the disrespect are unbearable. It is infuriating to consider how we got to this point. How did it happen? In part, we have allowed people to migrate here — often illegally — who do not share our values or have any desire to assimilate. And that must stop, now. 

Secondly, poor leadership has allowed people to destroy property, assault others, praise terror, threaten entire people groups, and call for the destruction of our country — all in the name of free speech. Where is the line? Why can’t a peaceful protest be clearly defined from a violent one, and laws enforced? When does freedom of speech become hate speech? When does anti-American language qualify as terrorism or encouraging terror? The founding fathers did not envision anarchy when they outlined our freedoms. The kid-glove handling of these brats must stop. 

It’s been said, but I’ll say it again: The soul of America is at stake. It’s under attack, but it’s not an attack that comes from the outside — it’s an attack birthed from within. We are the only empire that has turned upon itself in the way that we have (although France, the U.K., and other European countries are also doing a pretty good job at self-imploding). We are tearing down our own accomplishments, rewriting our historical victories as little more than racism and colonization, and now it has become “noble” and enlightened to hate the very country itself. 

What should be done about these ungrateful protestors? In most circumstances, there is more than sufficient law available to solve the issue; it only lacks enforcement. It’s hard to say now, but if leaders had responded swiftly and strongly to the first lawless BLM-George Floyd protests in 2020, maybe we wouldn’t be here today with this despicable precedent set. 

Lawmakers may also look to how the law is enforced whenever there is a right-wing protest issue. Somehow, in those cases, miraculously, the law appears indisputable and is used  to crack down on the “offenders.” There are clearly one set of laws for the left and another for the rest of us. 

Those burning our flag on the anniversary of our country’s liberation do not deserve the freedoms they have. They are not worthy of the sacrifices that were made to allow them the very opportunity to disrespect us the way that they do. It’s time to stop worrying about offending others and start protecting the soul of our nation. 

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