Israeli Hostage Suing Nonprofit Organization That Employed Hamas Terrorist Who Kept Him As Prisoner

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An Israeli hostage who was held in captivity by Hamas after the terrorist group’s surprise attack on October 7 is suing a nonprofit organization that employed the operative who held him as prisoner.

The development comes after the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) conducted a daring rescue effort to save some of those who were taken during the surprise attack. It was later revealed that one of the Hamas terrorists involved in the kidnapping of Israelis was working as a journalist with the Palestine Chronicle.

Almog Meir Jan, 22, was held captive by Hamas for nearly 250 days after the Oct. 7 terrorist attack in southern Israel and was found in the home of Abdallah Aljamal, a contributor to the Palestine Chronicle website who also worked as a spokesperson for the Hamas-run labor ministry in Gaza. Aljamal was killed during the IDF’s rescue mission.

The Palestine Chronicle is run by the tax-exempt group called People Media Project.

The lawsuit accuses the organization of providing its platform to “write and disseminate Hamas propaganda” and allowing Aljamal to “use their platform to whitewash Hamas’s crimes and attract international support for its terrorist cause” while he was imprisoning Jan.

Per the suit: 

By providing this platform to Hamas Operative Aljamal and compensating Hamas Operative Aljamal for his propaganda, Defendants aided, abetted, and materially supported both Hamas Operative Aljamal and Hamas itself in their acts of terrorism, including kidnapping and holding Plaintiff hostage for 246 days, in violation of international law.

The document also says “at least six Palestine Chronicle writers and contributors have been affiliated with Iranian propaganda outlets.”

Jan was taken hostage from the Nova Festival and was displayed in one of Hamas’ first hostage videos. Fortunately, he was rescued in an IDF raid in Gaza. Unfortunately, his father had passed away before finding out that his son was safe.

It was later revealed that Aljamal was part of Hamas’ operations in Gaza and helped the terrorist group hold Israeli hostages.

One of those alleged civilians, it’s now confirmed, was Abdullah Al Jamal, who bills himself as a journalist and who most recently wrote for a United States-based 501(c)(3) NGO, The Palestine Chronicle. He also wrote at least one piece for Al Jazeera. The Israeli government confirmed Sunday that Al Jamal, who was neutralized by IDF rescuers, held three hostages captive in his family home

The terrorist’s identity was first exposed in a post from Ramy Abdul, EuroMed Human Rights Chair, who detailed the raid Israeli forces conducted to rescue Jan.

In an initial testimony documenting the killings committed by the Israeli army in the Nuseirat camp today, the @EuroMedHR reported that the Israeli army used a ladder to enter the home of Dr. Ahmed Al-Jamal. The army immediately executed 36-year-old Fatima Al-Jamal upon encountering her on the staircase. The forces then stormed the house and executed her husband, journalist Abdullah Al-Jamal, 36, and his father, Dr. Ahmed, 74, in front of his grandchildren. The army also shot their daughter, Zainab, 27, who sustained serious injuries.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in Washington state’s western district court.

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