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In Danny Masterson’s case for rape, a mistrial is declared

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo declared the rape trial against Danny Masterson a mistrial on Wednesday.

After asking whether the court could do anything to help them reach a unanimous decision, the judge stated that “I find jurors hopelessly stuck.”

A new trial date was set for March 27, 2023.

Masterson, 46 years old, could spend up to 45 years in prison if convicted of the three charges of rape with fear or force. Masterson was alleged to have assaulted his home in Hollywood Hills between 2001 and 2003.

Alison L. Anderson stated in a statement that “our clients showed tremendous courage to testify about such personal, horrendous acts on a very public forum” “despite persistent harassment and intimidation,”.

They remain optimistic that Mr. Masterson will face some criminal consequences for his vile behavior and are eager now to pursue their civil claims in civil court to seek redress for what they have endured.”

COVID-19 caused the dismissal of two jurors Monday. The jury was then forced to reopen deliberations.

According to the jury foreman, only two jurors voted in favor of the first count. Four jurors voted in favor of the second count. Five jurors voted in favor of the third count.

In June 2020, the “That’s 70’s Show” star was taken into custody. He was released on $3.3 million bail. He had pleaded guilty to the charges.

One woman was a long-term girlfriend of another, while the other was a close friend. The third accuser was a new confidant.

Like Masterson, each of the three women in question was a member of Scientology. They claimed they were reluctant to file charges because of the strict protocol against public involvement in member matters.

After being made public about the allegations, each of the women has since left the church.

One accuser testified that Masterson had raped her after she woke up from unconsciousness. She recalled not being able to breath and thinking she would die. A second accuser claimed Masterson had raped her in December 2001 while she was unconscious.

Variety reports that she claimed Scientology officials told to her it was their responsibility to “give him sexual pleasure whenever he wants.”

She claimed that she just had to do what was asked of her, and was forbidden from telling anyone. After disclosing her crime to the LAPD in 2016, the victim described the severe retaliation she received and sued Masterson and the church.

Masterson’s lawyers did not present a defense to jurors. They focused instead on showing the inconsistencies between the stories that the three accusers had told while on the witness stand. They claimed that the accusers altered their stories and spoke to each other before speaking with the police.

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