Hilarious video of husband secretly enjoying his wife’s TV shows goes viral

This one is for all the girlies who have been binge-watching the new season of Bridgerton lately. Or any other TV show that your husband pretends is “bad taste.”

We all know we have superior taste in TV, even when our husbands, boyfriends, and male partners try to deny it. And while they may scoff at shows like Bridgerton, Love is Blind, 90 Day Fiancé, and Vanderpump Rules, can they actually resist the allure of such high-quality content? Certain viral videos would say no. Like this one, which shows the different “stages” of a husband claiming he doesn’t like Bridgerton as he actually gets more and more into it.

The video, originally posted to TikTok and then cross-posted on Twitter, shows glimpses of Penelope and Colin’s love story playing out on the TV as the husband in question goes through four stages. The first is “Reluctant retreat,” where he pretends he doesn’t care about the show, but actually lingers way too long at the bottom of the stairs because, um, he actually clearly wants to watch. 

Stage 2 is “Finding excuses to come back and watch,” where he’s in the kitchen “just to get a drink.” Uh huh. Sure he is. He’s thirsty for more Polin makeouts, just like we all are.

Stage 3, which is absolutely sending us, is “Stealth mode,” in which he tries to sneakily watch the show from the loft above the living room, fooling absolutely no one.

And finally, Stage 4 is “Acceptance,” when he just sits down on the couch and watches a good show because life is too short to go through all of this.

TikTok is absolutely full of videos like this, because apparently it’s a real thing for male partners to refuse to admit they’re into reality TV, romance shows, soap operas, etc. 

Except they are. Because these shows are great and no human can resist the drama.

Boys, it’s OK. This is a safe space and you can just cuddle up with a blanket and watch Bridgerton. No one will judge you for loving an objectively fantastic show.

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