He's Not Fit: Biden Just Gave an Insane Excuse to Donors for Dismal Debate Performance

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There have been all kinds of comments about Joe Biden’s Thursday evening debate performance at this point and whether to not he should step aside from the race. 

The family seems to be standing in the way of that, according to reports, with his wife and the smartest man he knows, Hunter, telling him to stay in. That’s just elder abuse at this point, but they haven’t cared before, so it remains to be seen if anyone can get through to them now. 

In the meantime, the Biden team and Joe Biden have been out trying to convince people that he’s able and it hasn’t been going well. Joe Biden continues to talk, and there continue to be problems. 

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Unfortunately, Biden’s team doesn’t seem to be able to stop the problems because they’re baked in. And they can’t change Biden to make him more coherent or more truthful. Nor do they seem to be able to comfort the donors who are uneasy about Biden. 

But Biden was trying to do just that during a private fundraiser on Tuesday. CNN mentioned what he said, and it beggars belief. 

CNN said Biden just told donors that he nearly fell asleep during the debate because of all his international travel. Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-FL) said he’d have to see what Biden said before he’d fully comment on that story. 

Here’s a further report on what Biden actually said, and it’s crazy. 

Biden said he “wasn’t smart” because “I decided to travel around the world a couple of times … shortly before the debate …I  didn’t listen to my staff … and then I almost fell asleep on stage.” He said that wasn’t an “excuse” but an “explanation.” But he only spoke for about six minutes. 

Now that’s flat-out nuts. He was resting and doing debate prep at Camp David for over a week prior to the debate. His last international trip was to Italy, and he was back from that on June 15. The debate was on June 27.  

So, you have two choices here: He’s badly lying — with a lie so dumb anyone with a brain cell knows it’s not true — and/or he’s saying he can’t recover from an international trip even by 12 days later? In either case, he’s showing he’s unfit for the position. This couldn’t have been reassuring to donors. 

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My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote earlier about how he even had to take naps during his debate prep at mid-day to rest. We see how light his schedule was prior to the campaign. He virtually never has anything scheduled before 10 a.m. and often only has one event on the calendar. Now, with the campaign, he has a little more. 

But if preparing for a debate is too much for him that he has to lie his head off like this and is unfit, then not only shouldn’t he be running for office, he shouldn’t be occupying any office now. 

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