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Friday's Hot Stocks: Reddit, Walmart, Chubb, and More

Investors who piled on to the crowded artificial intelligence stocks like Nvidia (NVDA), Microsoft (MSFT), and Super Micro Computer (SMCI) overlooked one pick: Reddit (RDDT).

On Thursday’s extended trading, Reddit shares gained 11%. The firm announced a partnership with OpenAI that lets ChatGPT train its AI models on Reddit content. This is a mixed win for OpenAI. Data that is “Garbage in, Garbage out” would pollute the AI model. Still, if the AI firm extracts only accurate and useful user content, both firms benefit.

To no one’s surprise, Walmart (WMT) posted exemplary Q1/2025 results. It earned $0.60 in EPS (non-GAAP), as revenue grew by 6.0% Y/Y to $161.5 billion. The company increased comparable sales by 3.8%. Sam’s Club increased its market share in the grocery segment. International sales increased by 10.7% Y/Y to $29.8 billion.

Walmart will only get bigger as smaller retail firms struggle.

Chubb (CB) gained as much as 10% yesterday, ending up on the day by 4.71%. Berkshire’s (BRK-B) “mystery position” reveal of CB stock encouraged followers to take the same trade. CB stock suits Berkshire’s investment style. It buys insurance firms and companies that pay a dividend. Chubb shares have a dividend that yields 1.36%.

Investors may wait for Manulife (MFC) to pull back before considering this insurance holding. Prudential (PRU) is similarly trading too high to even consider buying today.

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