Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Preview: Top 10 sleeper hitters highlight MJ Melendez, Jack Suwinski

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If your league has chosen to combine this opening weekend with the first full week of the season for a massive 11-day scoring period, I’m going to stop you right now: This article isn’t for you.

I’m glad that you’re here, and you’re welcome to stick around, but the content isn’t so actionable for you. Your lineup is already locked, you see.

The default CBS setting is to treat this opening weekend as its own scoring period, so in leagues that use the default setting, a new scoring period is set to begin Monday — a scoring period commonly referred to as Week 2.

Week 2: Sleeper pitchers | Two-start pitchers

But then when Week 3 comes, it’ll actually be your Week 2, oh participant in the 11-day scoring period, and those numbers will remain out of sync for the rest of the year. It’s a logistical nightmare, but the only way through it is one week at a time.

Just know your situation and accept it.

As for the rest of us, I have 10 sleeper hitter recommendations, though you should note that I’ve limited my selection to those rostered in less than 75 percent of CBS Sports leagues. These players are, by the nature of this exercise, not the surest of things, so don’t go sitting studs for them or anything. But if you have a need, they could maybe help you to meet it.

All information is up to date as of Sunday evening.

Sleeper hitters for Week 2 (April 1-7)

Best hitter matchups for Week 2

1. Royals @BAL3, CHW4
2. Phillies CIN3, @WAS3
3. Rays TEX3, @COL3
4. Padres STL3, @SF3
5. Marlins LAA3, @STL3

Worst hitter matchups for Week 2

1. Guardians @SEA3, @MIN3
2. Giants @LAD3, SD3
3. Yankees @ARI3, TOR3
4. Brewers MIN2, SEA3
5. Rangers @TB3, HOU3

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