Biden a Complete Mess as He Gets Confused, Makes Concerning Comments With Jordan's Leader

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Joe Biden met with King Abdullah II of Jordan on Monday and it was bad, even by Joe Biden standards. 

As Biden waited to welcome the King, Queen Rania Al Abdullah and Crown Prince Hussein, Biden was asked by the reporters if the Israeli Prime Minister was taking his advice. Biden gave an incredibly pompous answer which was funny give how inept he has been in his position. 

“Everybody does,” Biden falsely claimed.

But he wouldn’t answer the question of whether he wanted the Special Counsel record of his interview released. None of his people so far have called for the release, all the while wailing about the report’s depiction of the interview and claiming it isn’t accurate. That tells you the story right there. If what the Biden team was claiming about the interview was true, they’d be beating down the doors to have it released. 

Then Biden delivered some brief remarks with King Abdullah where he addressed him informally and told him that “Barack was looking at you over in the corner.” 

Oh, that’s where Barack Obama was? Over in the corner pulling the strings, watching out for all? 

I think it may have been a reference to a picture of Obama in the corner, but again, a weird remark from Biden. It was a reminder again that many on X took of the belief that Biden is not in charge and that others are pulling the strings. 

Biden spoke about Gaza but left a word or something out here and was confused. 

“Even innocent life in Gaza is a tragedy,” Biden declared. He seemed to have left out the word “taken.” Not to mention that the blame for all of this is on Hamas. But Biden during his “Yes, I am competent, I am, I am, I am” presser claimed that Israel was acting “over the top.” That was just another indication of how he’s being pushed by the radical leftists to move toward their view of the war between Israel and Hamas. 

Biden was confused about where the Crown Prince was. 

But he also sounded like he mispronounced the Queen’s name there. Her name is Rania, pronounced “Ra-nee-a.” He pronounced it “Ree-ah-na,” perhaps thinking of Rihanna the singer. 

This was very concerning when he referred to “our military action” in Rafah which is in Gaza. 

It was the Israeli military who took action in Rafah and rescued two hostages as I reported earlier. But Biden casting it as “our” operation shows how dangerous his gaffes can be when he says things that simply aren’t true, but people in other circumstances might believe they are. This kind of confusion is going to get us in deep trouble. Not to mention that it was Benjamin Netanyahu’s government that pulled off the rescue of the hostages, not Joe Biden, who was just chiding Israel about being “over the top” before the rescue. Looks like Joe was disproved, yet again. 

Biden additionally had a bad moment as King Abdullah took to the podium to speak and Biden seemed lost behind him, trying to figure out where to stand. The alleged leader of the free world people, here he is, confused trying to find his mark, and he confuses Abdullah into the bargain. The look on his face was concerning. What a comedy of errors. Who’s on first, what’s on second and Biden’s missed his mark. 

Then, Biden shuffled off after the King’s remarks and as usual, answered no questions. 

This was just a mess and shows he’s continuing to get worse. 


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