Adam Sandler to reprise role as 'Happy Gilmore' nearly 30 years later as Netflix confirms sequel in works


Good news, sports movie fans. A sequel to the classic 1996 golf comedy “Happy Gilmore” is officially in the works, as confirmed by Netflix on Wednesday.

The original movie centers around Adam Sandler, who starred as a hockey player with clear anger management issues. Upon learning his grandmother needed money in order to keep her house after failing to pay her taxes, he ultimately realizes his slapshot skills translate to driving the golf ball, eventually entering tournaments in an attempt to earn enough money to save her home.

While competing in his newly found sport, Gilmore winds up finding a foe in tour professional Shooter McGavin, who was seeking to win golf’s biggest prize but saw Gilmore as a hinderance to that journey. McGavin, who was played by Christopher McDonald, will be returning alongside Gilmore in the second film. McDonald’s character has become an infamous sports movie villan in the near-30 years since the film’s release.

The PGA Tour social media account celebrated the announcement by posting an old clip of Sandler on the golf course.

Rumors of this sequel have been going around since earlier this year with Sandler and McDonald both playing into them. Netflix finally made the film official this week. The company did not release many details, though the next “Happy Gilmore” appears to still be in the early stages of production.

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