A Sophie’s Choice for Dems and the Press: Defend Trans Shooting Victim or Illegal Immigrant Assailant?

We have truly reached the Event Horizon stage of our country’s wheels-up-in-a-ditch immigration policy. For inexplicable reasons, the Democrats and Joe Biden have spurned the constitutional call to protect our borders, and the press, with its need to protect Biden, has placed illegal immigrants into a protected class in this country. It has morphed from not being allowed to close the border to today’s desperation of declaring it wrong to utter the word “illegal.” It is so backward that Joe Biden himself was forced to apologize.

One of the gambits these self-defeating journalists employ is suggesting that illegal arrivals are the source of less crime than American citizens. To arrive at this fractured conclusion, they play games with statistics. One study measures incarceration rates, which becomes deeply skewed when you see the hesitancy of authorities to hold and prosecute illegal immigrants. Then there is the likelihood of an illegal who is arrested becoming deported and not placed in jail, further scrambling results.

Then, there was an admission by NBC News in a “debunking” of criminal claims that police rarely include the immigration status of a suspect when recording arrests. So, in a manner, this becomes accurate; illegal immigrants will be found to commit fewer crimes when their data is never tabulated to begin with. This despite the very fact that 100 percent of illegal immigrants commit a crime by simply entering the country illegally — but that level of common sense is not permitted to be injected into this discussion.

We now have reached the level where illegals are essentially coddled and permitted to walk free after committing serious crimes — when even a slap on the wrist would be considered a racist act, which leads us to the current story creating a quandary. What are the sympathizers to do when the assailant and the victim are both from protected classes?

In Chicago, one recent late night, a car stopped at a street corner and called out at a trans individual. A driver pulled up and made an ominous remark in Spanish. “Bad gay,” he allegedly said before firing three shots at the transwoman around 4:30 a.m. on Feb. 4. The individual was struck in the groin and both legs and left in critical condition, according to Chicago police records. Detectives began investigating the shooting as a hate crime and eventually homed in on a suspect — a 29-year-old Venezuelan man who was linked to a drug cartel by federal authorities.

Now, normally, this would be a rather closed-ended affair, with the gunman arrested and activists taking to the streets with claims of trans-phobic violence and the need to have this attacker made an example. But we no longer live in normal times, and as the details of this case become known, you see how far from normal we have traveled. That both parties involved were immigrants makes every standard law practice inconsequential, it appears.

The suspect was initially arrested — while exiting a courthouse. That was because two days earlier, the suspect had been arrested for illegal possession of a gun. This same individual had been arrested the day prior for driving a vehicle illegally. Each and every time, this suspect was set free despite showing signs of recidivist violent behavior. Instead of being cuffed-and-stuffed, before being sent on a transport back to South America, he is set off to wander free. Despite having physical evidence (a collected shell casing), video of the suspect driving the vehicle, and ties to a violent Venezuelan gang known for human trafficking, they could find no reason to hold him. 

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Meanwhile, the press wants to tell us that there is zero proof of illegals committing crimes in this country, as conservatives claim. Well, when you do not detain, jail, or deport criminals for committing criminal behavior, that becomes a self-fulfilling claim. Hell, this one individual — with hate crime, driving violations, gun felonies, cartel ties, illegal entry, and attempted murder — would be enough to throw off the statistical Bell curve if law enforcement and prosecutors would treat this hoodlum the same way they would citizens.

This is where we stand in our country today. An administration inviting this element in, law authorities scared to so much as do the minimum, and a press industry operating in complete denial in order to coddle a mentally infirm president. As a result, a member of the trans community, the current most cherished demographic, was nearly killed as is usually broadcast, and few are interested in highlighting this case.

As soon as the attacker is discovered to be an illegal immigrant, suddenly, the specter of the promised violence against that group is not a concern in any capacity. The press that loses their minds over mean things written on social media turns a blind eye when a trans individual is nearly killed for being who they are. There is no possible way to make any of this story make sense, and yet this is the new normal they want to foist on us as a nation.

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