32 Best Table Lamps and Bedside Lamps of 2024

Before you spin into a redecorating frenzy, consider the transformative power of the table lamp. The best table lamps provide a bold and bright impact to any room—and not just because of the light they shine. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile. You can add them to a shelf on a bookcase, place them on a bedside table, show them off in an entryway, and get highly creative with their style. High-design lamps can also make a statement wherever you place them. While lamps with chrome or brass finishes serve as radiant and eye-catching accents, those made with marble, terracotta, or travertine can add texture to a sleek space.

Accent lighting has always been a thing, but lately, with the rise of anti-Big Light content on TikTok and Reels, the demand for cute, trendy lighting options is going way up. And we get it—relying on built-in overhead light fixtures feels cold and corporate, while smaller lamps create a warmer ambiance. They also provide a way to show off your sense of interior style.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best Overall: West Elm Ribbed Glass Table Lamp, $99
  2. Best Mid-Century Table Lamp: Schoolhouse Teig Lamp, $399
  3. Best Art-Deco Table Lamp: HAY Matin Table Lamp, $215
  4. Best Decorative Accent Lamp: Friend of All Tabletop Pyramid Lamp, $490
  5. Best Table Lamp for Small Nightstands: Urban Outfitters Ansel Glass Table Lamp, $79
  6. Best Industrial Style: Article Koepel Metal Table Lamp, $149
  7. Best Tech-Friendly Table Lamp: Yarra-Decor Dimmable Lamp With USB Port, $22

Whatever your design scheme or lighting needs, the best table lamps will flip the switch in your home, and practically remove the need to turn on the Big Light. Ahead, discover 34 of our favorites in a variety of styles that you’ll add to your wishlist, too.

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