27 Underrated Paint Colors to Add to Your Rotation, According to Designers

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Pointing by Farrow & Ball

“One of my favorite underrated whites is Pointing by Farrow & Ball. I like to use it on trim in their Modern Eggshell finish, especially when paired with their chalkier Estate Emulsion finish on the walls. It feels bright and cheery due to its subtle warm red undertones.” —Sarah Lederman, founder of Sarah Lederman Interiors

Templa White by Farrow amp Ball

Templa White by Farrow & Ball

“It’s incredibly rich and versatile, changing from a creamy white to a buttery yellow depending on the light in the room. I know yellow has a bad reputation and can sound outdated at first, but Templa White is intentional, restrained, and a perfect match for cabinetry. The welcoming and cheerful nature of it would pair especially well in a laundry or boot room, instantly elevating the mundane and creating a warm, lived-in feel. I can also picture it as the backdrop of a potting room from a Nancy Meyers movie set, with her staple female-lead in yellow wellies and a large straw hat tending to her garden.” —Stephanie Perez O’Boyle, founder of Stephanie Perez Studio

Underrated Yellow Paint Colors

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Babouche by Farrow & Ball

“I know that yellow has got a reputation for being a very ’90s color, and I do agree that washed-out, baby layette yellow can really take the energy out of a room, but I am in love with deep sunshine yellows, like Babouche from Farrow & Ball. This is the most marvelous color for hallways. It pairs so beautifully with old black-and-white marble floors and a set of botanicals in shiny black frames. Add a beat-up antique console table, clutter it with baskets of white orchids, and let blue and white ginger jars take up the rest of the real estate! Your sunny entrance hall will beckon even the most chilled to the bone guest.” —Mally Skok, founder of Mally Skok Design

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American Cheese by Benjamin Moore

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Nacho Cheese by Benjamin Moore

“Two warm colors I use that are underrated are Benjamin Moore American Cheese and Nacho Cheese. These are in the middle of the color deck, and at first glance seem to have a fair amount of white, but don’t be fooled by this. Once they are up on the walls they are cheerful and a breath of fresh air.” —Nadia Watts, founder of Nadia Watts Interior Design

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